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Your Purser’s new (to him) boat, Iroquois, Ontario, May 2019

I follow a few blogs from other sailors who are generous enough to share their expertise on taking care of boats. They made mistakes so I don’t have to.

If your fave blog on saving time & money and sailing more isn’t here, let me know.


Sail Delmarva

Drew Frye is a sailor who happens to be trained as a chemical engineer. You might know him from writing about half the content at Practical Sailor. He wins awards too. He’s the exception to the Sailor’s dozen principle: he backs his opinions with lab-tested results. Literally lab tested.

$tingy Sailor

Ken Billing’s DIY projects include research, steps, and lots of photos. There’s other fun stuff on saving money, too.

Marine How To

Rod “RC” Collins is an honest-to-pod-of-dolphins ABYC certified pro. He’s seen it all, including stuff that keeps a sailor up at night.

Port Credit Marine Surveys

Wallace Gouk spends more time with boats than web page design. This marine surveyor shows us the good, bad, and embarrassing things that boat owners think they can get away with.

Sail Life

Mads Dahlke has worked hard to refit his boat, Athena. Scratch that. “Refit” isn’t the right word. What’s the word for “rebuild everything from scratch except the hull”? His videos are excellent and so is his work.

Boatworks Today

Andy Miller is another genuine pro. If a concert violinist plays a violin then Andy’s a concert fiberglassist.

Foghorn Lullaby

A couple who maintain and upgrade their CS34 while cruising Lake Ontario and other places. Their posts are full of photos, useful, and entertaining.

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