Nautical Trivia: Incomplete and specific

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Guaranteed to be 5% more effective at improving crew morale than flogging. Besides, aren’t you tired of buying your fave sailor another novelty sailing T-shirt? Get your fave sailor a novelty sailing book instead!

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You get 120 questions with answers you can read yourself or play as a game with your crew.

Here’s an example:


Next to the Torre de Hércules lighthouse in Spain is a statue. Who is it a statue of?

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Breogán, a mythical Irish King who conquered northern Spain

He is said to have built the lighthouse to be able to see Ireland, about 750 km (404 nautical miles) away. The reality is that the lighthouse was built by the ancient Romans about 2000 years ago, making it the oldest, still-existing lighthouse in the world.

As far as we know, none of Khufu’s tomb, a.k.a. the Great Pyramid, was ever recycled into a lighthouse. But he might have been a sailor. A 43 metre (142 foot) ship, built around 2500 BCE, was discovered next to the Great Pyramid in 1954.

Also as far as we know, Cook never had a child named Book.

There’s more

You also get bits of useless information, old-timey pictures, and even recipes for your galley crew.

An octopus who swears that Murex Tenuispina wasn’t so close 10 minutes ago.

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