About Purser Club

Finding ways to sail more and spend less. And sometimes succeeding.

Your Supreme Purser when he had darker hair

I have fun sailing my Tanzer 29 on Lake Ontario. I’ve been sailing off and on for 30 years on the Great Lakes. I’m also married, a father of two, and I work full time doing non-sailing stuff. Spare time and money for sailing is rare.

That’s why I started Purser Club. I find ways to take care of my boat that don’t waste my time or money. Sometimes I even succeed.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Maybe I can find it for you.

About pursers

An old timey purser explains the advantages of discount salted beef

A purser takes care of a ship’s money and supplies. Back in the day, a ship owner gave the purser a budget to stock the ship. The purser made his money by buying for less and keeping the difference. Ship owners were happy but the crew wasn’t. Much hilarity ensued, including scurvy and attempted homicide.

These days, things are different.

Now you have Purser Club. Use it to sail more and fuss less.


I’m an affiliate member of a few vendors. When you buy from them through Purser Club, you still pay the price that everyone else does but I get a small kickback. Thanks for your support!

I wrote a book!

Nautical Trivia: Incomplete and specific

Finally, a gift for the sailor who loves ping pong balls, scurvy, and carnivorous snails!

At your service

Humbly yours,

Marc, Supreme Purser