Maintenance log 2019

Taking care of my boat in 2019.

Sailboat at dock on Canada Day 2019
Tanzer 29 sailboat at dock on Canada Day 2019

My Tanzer 29 is my first big-for-me sailboat. To keep a maintenance log of this beauty, I got a hardcover, ring-bound notebook, graph-lined. For 5 years I filled all of the first 3-4 pages. I think of it every time I just write stuff down in a text file instead.

Here’s what I did in 2019 after I bought her:





Winterize engine

Winterize plumbing


More maintenance

Maintenance log 2020

Taking care of my boat in 2020.

Winterizing your inboard engine

The best checklist (until you find a better one) for winterizing your inboard diesel engine

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