Gifts for sailors

What to buy for the sailor in your life

Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda, July 2014

Oh shit! Is it already Christmas, your fave sailor’s birthday, or some other reason to buy a gift? Sailors have everything they need, except for a bigger boat. But if your budget is less than 5 (or 6 or 7) digits, I got you covered for gifts that are more fun, useful, and original than novelty socks.


For the reading sailor: Nautical Trivia

Finally a novelty gift for sailors that isn't a T-shirt.

Get it in paperback or PDF

Ok, so full disclosure here: I wrote this book and now I’m plugging it here. I wanted something fun that both sailors and non-sailors can enjoy alone or together.

For the fashionable sailor: personalized gifts

Jewellery from CHART Metalworks

Picture credit: CHART Metalworks

Handmade bracelets and other accessories of nautical signal flags.

Price: $30 - $165

Nautical jewellery and more

This is so cool! Custom made, one of a kind. Choose your fave sailor’s initials or any other combination of 1 to 3 letters, depending on the piece.

For an extra charge, you can also get it engraved, gift-wrapped, or include a polishing cloth.

Note: This piece takes 1-2 weeks to make, a few more days to ship. If you’re going to be late, go hard.

Personalized gifts and home decor from Screencraft Gifts

Picture credit: Screencraft Gifts

Home decor with images of nautical charts.

Price: $13 - $170

Personalized gifts and home decor

Remind your fave sailor of their fave places with nautical charts on coasters, clocks, trays, and other practical gifts. They also make custom items with images that you choose.

For the safe sailor: Taylor Made Eco Blast rechargeable air horn

Picture credit: Taylor Made

Makes 120 dB of sound, rechargeable with an off-the-shelf bicycle tire pump.

Price: $74, including pump

More details

I’ve had one for years and it still works great. 120 dB is loud, loud enough to remind you that you can’t cover both your your ears with one hand while you’re holding the horn with the other.

For the galley: Enamelware from Falcon

Picture credit: Falcon Enamelware

Durable, light, elegant enamelware for cooking, eating, drinking and serving.

Price: $7 - $390

Browse the Falcon shop

I like enamelware on a boat. It’s mostly corrosion-proof, lighter than porcelain, easily takes heat and cold, and looks nicer than bare metal. And enamelware is tougher than plastic or glass. Like family heirloom tough. My wife still proudly makes strawberry rhubarb pies from an enamel pie plate she inherited from her grandmother.

Falcon has been in the enamelware business for almost a century. There’s probably an item that fits your budget. You can bake, serve, and drink from their enamelware. Most pieces come in several colours to match your sailor’s boat.

Last resort: West Marine eGift card

Picture credit: West Marine

When you should have bought a gift sooner.

Price: $10 - $250

Order from West Marine

A last-minute gift, the desperate last resort if it’s too late to get anything shipped to your fave sailor on time. Thankfully, online gift cards are instant. The 21st century is good for at least one thing.

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