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Nautical Trivia: An incomplete & specific book

Finally, the best gift for the sailor who loves ping pong balls, scurvy, and carnivorous snails!

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The vendors that I follow to find you the best deals

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Review: Plastimo Raid II P240SH inflatable tender

Good value and ready to use for less than $1000

Glass drinking glasses on your boat

Avoiding bloodshed while enjoying your sundowner


Satisfied sailors use Purser Club

Choosing a varnish

A comparison of varnishes for the wood on your sailboat

Saving time or money on a mainsail cover

Choose which corners to cut when making your own mainsail cover

Interview: the $1 sailboat

The sailor who bought a sailboat for a $1 and lived to tell us about it

Online security for sailors

The most effective, least expensive tool for onliny security is you

Choosing a 5/6HP outboard

A comparison of 5HP and 6HP outboard engines for your small sailboat or tender

Choosing a 4HP outboard

A comparison of 4HP outboard engines for your small sailboat or tender

Choosing a 2.5HP outboard

A comparison of the smallest outboard engines for your small sailboat or tender

The ultimate diesel inboard oil change checklist

The best checklist for changing your diesel inboard’s oil (until you find a better one)

HIN Decoder

Look up your Hull Identification Number (HIN)

Review: Belma Balls of Sardines

“Sardines” and “sailing” are two words that sailors should say more often in the same bad breath. Also, balls.

Best sailing films

The best movies with a sailboat

Review: Adlard Coles Book of Diesel Engines, 5th edition

Learn about maintaining your diesel engine for many happy years

Previous deals

Past deals are like day old bread, cheap and possibly stale

Choosing an inflatable life jacket

An inflatable life jacket is about comfort, not extra safety

Choosing a sailing knife

Every sailor should carry a knife for lemons and lines

Purser’s Principles

Like the laws of physics, the universe imposes rules on living wih a sailboat

Review: Coast A9R rechargeable inspection penlight

Small, convenient flashlight for tight, dark spaces

2018 Holiday gift guide for sailors

What to buy for the sailor in your life

Review: Gill Race Watch

Questionable battery but simplicity, usability, and decent looks for a reasonable price

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