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2018 Holiday gift guide for sailors

What to buy for the sailor in your life

Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda, July 2014
Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda, July 2014

Every day until Christmas I’m posting a gift for your sailor to use and appreciate. Use the time and money you save here for better things, like taking your sailor out somewhere nice.


Chart Metalworks red bronze rope bracelet

Nautical bling (Is “bling” still a thing?)

Chart Metalworks Red Rope Bracelet

Handmade bracelet holding a snippet of a chart of your sailor’s location.

$95 from Chart Metalworks

Note: If you're going to be late, go hard. This piece takes 11 business days to make, a few more days to ship.

This is so cool! Custom made, one of a kind. Nylon rope and bronze are genuine nautical materials, resistant to water and outdoor abuse.

Get it engraved for $25 more, gift-wrapped for $5 more.


West Marine eGift card

When you should have bought a gift sooner

West Marine eGift card

$10-$250 from West Marine

A last resort if it’s too late to get anything shipped to your fave sailor on time. Thankfully, online gift cards are instant. The 21st century is good for at least one thing.


ENO DoubleNest hammock

Sailors like to swing in comfort

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Stores in its own pouch, weighs 19 oz, fits 2 people, strong nylon fabric. Suspend it from your rigging/spars or two trees on shore.

$69.95 from West Marine


Taylor Made EcoBlast rechargeable signal air horn

Sometimes a sailor needs to be even louder

Taylor Made EcoBlast Rechargeable Signal Air Horn

I have one and I’ve been using it for years. It still works great. 120 dB is loud, loud enough to make you cover your ears. Rechargeable with a bicycle pump.

$44.99 from West Marine


BikeMaster safety wire pliers with stainless steel wire

A quick fix to get home in one piece

BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers with Stainless Steel Wire

There are as many uses for safety wire as there are frantic failures and missing tiny parts. Use the pliers to safely, quickly, neatly cut and twist. Includes 25 feet of wire, enough to last for years.

$29.99 from Amazon


Samson splicing fid kit

Good for idle hands and loose ends

Samson Splicing Fid Kit

Splicing your own line is fun to learn in the off-season. It’s satisfying, simplifies rigging, and makes a boat more ship-shape. Handles double-braided line from 1/4" to 1/2".

Note: In the Size option, choose Samson Fid Kit.

$35 from R&W Rope


Pelican cases

A simple solution for the soggy wallet

Pelican case

Crush-proof, dust-proof, and water-resistant. Good for car keys, camera, wallet. I also use one to store my first aid kit. Comes in a few sizes and colors.

$17.99-$71.24 from West Marine

Regular price: $23.99-$94.99


GoBag dry bag for phones

Protect your sailor’s precious social media device

GoBag Dry Bag for Phones

Makes a phone waterproof. Magnetic seal. Touch screen, buttons, camera, speaker, and microphone work normally. Three sizes: Minnow (small), Dolphin (medium), Mako (large).

$24.99-34.99 from APS


ProMariner handheld digital multimeter

Upgrade electrical things and fix the previous owner’s bad decisions

ProMariner Handheld Digital Multimeter

Measures AC/DC amperage and voltage, continuity with audible alert, and resistance. Backlit display.

$29.99 from Wholesale Marine

Regular price: $38.40


Kobo Aura ONE e-reader

The most versatile way to read anywhere

Kobo Aura ONE e-reader

Waterproof, big 7.8-inch high-contrast, high-resolution screen with back light, battery lasts for weeks, wifi.

$229 from Kobo

Buy e-books from Indigo, borrow from your public library, download free e-books from Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg, and keep service manuals for repairing busted gear. Not compatible with copy protection from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and so on.


Evergreen Pacific log book

Stop forgetting and start remembering

Evergreen Pacific Log Book

124 pages, spiral-bound, tabs for sections on vessel information, cruising log, maintenance log, fuel log, radio log, and inventory.

$17.79 from Defender

Regular price: $21.99


Coast A9R rechargeable inspection penlight

Shine light in cramped, dark spaces

Coast A9R rechargeable inspection penlight

Read my review.

$36.90 from Amazon

Regular price: $60

Compact, versatile, weather resistant, LED bulb, stainless steel body, lithium battery, inductive charging, lifetime warranty. Useful for fixing broken things in cramped, dark spaces.


Gah Oh sailcloth bags

A practical, unique way to carry things

Gah Oh sailcloth bags

Hand-made from reused sailcloth. Each is one-of-a-kind. Styles include laptop, messenger, and old-school bosun.

$69-104 from Nautical Mind

Shipping: around $16, customs brokerage fees might apply


Jefferson’s Ocean bourbon

Enjoy a sundowner with a story

Jefferson’s Ocean bourbon

Distill bourbon. Put it in oak barrels. Put the barrels on a ship. Travel to 5 continents and cross the equator 4 times. Enjoy.

Get it engraved for $20 more.

$85 from ReserveBar

Shipping: $15-20 for 3-5 day shipping, around $70 for overnight shipping, free for orders over $150.


SPOT Gen3 satellite personal tracker

Assure loved ones at home

SPOT Gen3 satellite personal tracker

Tracks position, sends check-in and custom messages.

Important! Don't forget the service plan.

$149 + service plan from SPOT

Shipping: free


KOVOT waterproof playing cards

Play with a full deck (for once)

KOVOT Waterproof Playing Cards

Durable plastic, 54 cards, plastic carrying case. No mildew, no mushy mess after being forgotten in the bilge over the winter.

$8.99 from Amazon

Shipping: qualifies for free Amazon shipping.


Grundéns Brigg 40 parka tall

Sail in cold or bad weather

Grundéns Brigg 40 Parka Tall

Durable workwear for fishermen that looks good on a sailor. Waterproof PVC-coated cotton, reinforced cuffs, hidden buttons, choice of three colors.


Shipping: free


Good Old Boat magazine subscription

Get your fix during the off-season

Good Old Boat magazine

One of my fave magazines. Adventures, reviews, and in-depth articles on maintenance and upgrading. This isn’t a rag of copy-pasted product announcements.

$29.95-$39.95 from Good Old Boat


Gill Race watch

Simple, usable, decent looks, questionable battery life

Gill Race Watch

Waterproof (duh), time and date, alarm, race countdown, lap timer. I have one myself.

Read my review.

$99.95 from Binnacle

Regular price: $110.00

Shipping: $10.90, free for orders of $199 or more.


Saint-James Marin Miki watch cap

Stay warm on board, wear French fashion on shore

St-James Marin Miki watch cap

Traditional look, 4 colors, one size fits all with hidden adjustable closing, 70% wool/30% polyester for warmth and comfort.

$59 from Saint-James

Shipping: free


NorChill BoatBag xTreme cooler bag

Transport food & drinks to your icebox or carry a picnic in the dinghy

NorChill BoatBag xTreme cooler bag

Waterproof shell and zippers, leak-proof & puncture-resistant liner, folds when not in use, in 24- or 48-can sizes, plenty of side pockets.

$149.99-$199.99 from NorChill Coolers

Shipping: free for orders $199 and over


Stearns neoprene cold water gloves

Warm, dry fingers in fall, winter, and spring

Stearns Neoprene Cold Water Gloves

Seams are glued and sewn, 2mm neoprene, sizes S to XXL.

$24.99 from Fisheries Supply

Shipping: free for orders over $99

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