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HIN Decoder

Look up your Hull Identification Number (HIN)

Newport, Rhode Island, July 2011
Newport, Rhode Island, July 2011

If you’re looking at a boat for sale and want to understand what the HIN means, use this HIN decoder. If you’re trying to defraud someone who wants to buy your boat, use this HIN decoder. Win, win.

On monohulls, look for the HIN on the transom, starboard side. On multihulls, look on the aft cross beam near the starboard hull.

Serial number  
Date of production  
Model year  


National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. U.S. CoastGuard Hull Identification Number (HIN)Validation & Verification Guidelines

U.S. Coast Guard. Manufacturers Identification

U.S. Government. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 33 - Navigation and Navigable Waters

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