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North Rustico, PEI. August 2016.
North Rustico, PEI. August 2016.

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Andersen stainless steel winches

Haul on those lines like a Viking

Andersen stainless steel winches

Andersen is a Danish winch company. If Vikings used winches, I bet this is probably what they used.

Andersen self-tailing winches, electric winches, and electric conversion kits are on sale at a few retailers right now. But APS has the best prices that I can find. Look for the little red ON SALE! sticker.

$50-300 off from APS

Shipping: free for orders over $50


Interlux VC 17m Extra antifouling, 1 quart

Light antifouling for salt and fresh water

Interlux VC 17m Extra antifouling, 1 quart

This is the stuff I use on my O’Day Mariner on Lake St-Louis. It comes in three colors. My fave is the shiny copper, which looks sharp next to the green topsides.

The worst that Lake St-Louis throws at a bottom is zebra mussels and slime. I keep my Mariner on a trailer for 5 months/year, so even if I didn’t use antifouling neither would have a chance to foul anyway.

Still, I have my reasons to use VC 17m Extra:

For a 19-foot boat, two quarts is just enough for two coats. I go from dirty bottom on the trailer to protected bottom in the water in less than 3 hours, and that includes washing the bottom and drying time. Yeah, a lot of that thas to do with the Mariner just being a small boat. But VC 17m is easy to work with. Just stir in the copper powder and roll. Its watery consistency means a little bit covers a lot of area.

Interlux calls it a hard antifouling, but it wears out visibly after a couple of seasons. I reapply every 2-3 seasons.

Interlux has full details for VC 17m Extra, including a handy paint calculator.

Wholesale Marine has the lowest price for a quart. Use the Interlux Mail-In Rebate for an extra $5 off.

$58.67 from Wholesale Marine

Shipping: Free for orders over $99


Interlux Micron 66 antifouling, 1 gallon

Hardcore antifouling for salt and brackish water

Interlux Micron 66

Until they come up with the marine version of the mosquito laser, this is what Interlux offers. It’s their toughest ablative antifouling. For salt and brackish water.

Interlux has full details for Micron 66, including a handy paint calculator.

Jamestown Distributors has the lowest price for a gallon of Micron 66 right now. Use the Interlux Mail-In Rebate for an extra $20 off/gallon.

$298.76 from Jamestown Distributors

Shipping: Free for orders over $50


Interlux 2019 Spring Mail-In Rebate Program

Rebates on antifouling paint and wood finishes

Interlux logo

We made it to spring, aka bottom paint/varnish season. Is your heart warming with the melting ice and blooming flowers? Is that a tear in your eye or irritation from pollen and volatile organic compounds?

Save $5-$20 on a can of Interlux antifouling paint or wood finish. Buy an eligible can of antifouling or wood finish at your fave retailer before May 31, 2019, keep your receipt, then fill out a rebate form from Interlux.

I’m a happy Interlux customer. For my O’Day Mariner a few years ago I was shopping for a barrier coating and antifouling. Choosing these things is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book only more expensive and you can’t flip back to page 1 if you screw up. I emailed and called Interlux a bunch of times. The support staff asked me about my location, my boat, what I use it for, the weather I sail in, and a bunch of other criteria. They gave me plenty of pros, cons, and tips for each product.

I ended up choosing InterProtect 2000E barrier coat (not eligible) and VC 17m antifouling (eligible).

They’re excellent products, easy to use, with clear instructions. I’m still happy with the results five years later. My bottom is blister free and shiny. The boat looks good too. (C’mon, you saw that coming.)

$5-$20 off from Interlux


Sale on Lewmar gear

Discounts on anchors to windlasses


Big discounts, up to 40%, on practically everything Lewmar makes for sailboats. That includes anchors, deck hardware, hatches, portlights, rigging hardware, spare parts, steering systems, winches, and windlasses.

From Mauri Pro Sailing

Shipping: free for orders over $99

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