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You don’t have to pour that much money into the hole

My O’Day Mariner at her slip
My O’Day Mariner at her slip

Welcome fellow sailors!

A boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into. I make your boat hole smaller. I take the time to find great deals online for you to maintain and enjoy your boat. You spend more time on the water.

Spend less time and money, spend more time sailing

A great deal should save you time and money. You already spend enough taking care of your boat. Even before you buy, Purser Club saves you the time of researching, comparing, and evaluating deals.

Enjoy your extra time sailing

You need to trust the product and the vendor you bought it from. A crappy product that keeps you tied to the dock or holding on the phone doesn’t compare to sunshine and a steady breeze.

Vendors who care

I follow big online vendors as well as independent marine vendors. That last bunch is important. They offer the same products, prices, and online convenience. But independent vendors have a big advantage that multi-million dollar ad campaigns and warehouse-sized call centers don’t: experience. Boat loads of it.

Good independent vendors have been in business for years. They are sailors themselves, they use the products they sell. When you call, you’re often talking to the owner, and that owner knows her shit. Let’s see Jeff Bezos give you advice on bottom paint.

Make that hole smaller

So that’s Purser Club, making your hole smaller one great deal at a time.

What do you think? Let me know. I’m happy to help.

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